Links & Networks

Other ecosocialist and degrowth websites

Global Ecosocialist Network

The Global Ecosocialist Network is an international association of socialists formed in response to the catastrophic ecological crisis rapidly engulfing our world.

Climate and Capitalism Journal

Climate and Capitalism is an ecosocialist journal, reflecting the viewpoint of ecological Marxism. Climate & Capitalism is part of the Monthly Review group of socialist websites: Monthly ReviewMR Online; and MR Press. We are editorially independent— MR has no responsibility for our content, and vice versa — but we share technical resources and collaborate on common projects.

Fight the Fire

Fight the Fire are climate justice activists and scholars engaged in frontline struggles around the world, participating in international platforms and networks, reflecting on the existential crisis we are living in. We built this magazine coming out of the V International Ecosocialist Encounters in January 2022, in Lisbon. 

Rupture Magazine

An Irish ecosocialist magazine

Capitalism Nature Socialism

Capitalism Nature Socialism (CNS) is an international journal of ecosocialism, encompassing anticapitalist perspectives that are both egalitarian and environmental in orientation. The primary aim in CNS is to help create a red-green intellectual culture, essential to the development of a red-green politics.

People and Nature

Simon Pirani’s blog where he writes about the climate and ecological crisis; energy and energy workers; science, technology and society; history; and other things.

Climate Vanguard

Climate Vanguard is a youth-led think tank empowering the youth climate movement to become a force of radical political-economic transformation. 

Green Left Weekly

Australian based website

The Ecologist

The Ecologist is an environmental news and analysis website with a focus on environmental, social and economic justice.

Anti*Capitalist Resistance

Revolutionary ecosocialist organisation based in England and Wales

Scottish based ecosocialist organisation affiliated to the Fourth International

Degrowth London

Degrowth London is an activist group brought together by a shared belief that achieving just and sustainable futures requires a fundamental transformation of society beyond capitalism, and that degrowth forms an essential and desirable part of this transformation.

Left Unity

​Socialist Organisation in England and Wales, part of Transform.